Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Man of Few Words

He is the most loving, patient, hard-working, tough, quiet, happy, simple, observant, and special man I have ever know. His hands are calloused and his hair is rough. His eyes twinkle, and his voice is soft. He loves to travel and see the world. He loves history and building tractors. He takes great pride in his garden. You never know exactly what he is thinking but if you ask and listen carefully he will tell you. He is never the first to speak up but his words are wise. He his a tough guy with a tender heart. When I sit next to him he will slowly reach over and hold my hand. We just sit there watching everything go on around us and when I look over at him he is smiling. This is how I know he loves me. At the end of a visit as I get ready to leave I give him a hug and he wraps his arms around me and then leans back and says softly and quickly "Now hurry back. Don't let it be so long before we see you again. I love you." I smile big and say "I love you to Gramps. I will be back soon."
Grandpa Havolyn went and had to get more tests done. They are still waiting for the results. Waiting is never easy, especially when the results may be something you don't want to hear.
But whatever they are He is a fighter, I know he will take on whatever battle comes next.
I am so grateful for this man of few words and the great lessons he has taught me and for the love he shows me. I am grateful when I am told that I am the"quiet observer" I like to think I get it from you. I love you Gramps and can't wait to see you soon.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tutti Fruiti goodness!

For lunch $3 and I get a glorious bag of the most amazing fruit ever.
It may not look sanitary but it is delicious.

Friday, August 8, 2008


I am...still finding out.
I think...I can, if I try, if I want.
I know...more than I think I do. Not as much as I allow myself.
I want...to know, peace, confidence, love.
I have...love, direction, guidance, peace.
I wish...I knew.
I hate...unhappiness, pride, unkindness.
I miss...my dad, and my family.
I fear...the unknown, chainsaws, failure.
I feel...loved, crowded, alone.
I hear...buses, sirens all day long.
I smell....the ocean breeze.
I search...daily, for you, new things.
I wonder...how things would be different if...
I regret...not loving enough, caring too little.
I love...today.
I care...more than I should at times. Sometimes not enough.
I always...look for the good.
I am not...many things but I am okay with that.
I believe...most things are possible.
I dance...when I am happy, at halloween, when no one is watching.
I sing...all the time, mostly in my head so no one can hear me.
I don't always...want to but I will.
I write...my feelings better than I say them.
I win...when I least expect it.
I lose...if I don't try.
I never... knew things could be so difficult and so simple at the same time.
I listen... to music, all music, all day long.
I create...beauty.
I can usually be found...most of the time.
I'm scared of...things that don't really matter.
I read...a little. To learn, to find answers.
I am happy about...life, for what I've learned, and for things to come.

*Anyone else?*

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Yeah, that was me in like the first 1.5 seconds
(3 seconds if you count loading time).
I'm famous or something.
That was a fashion show I did almost a year ago,
and just now came across this video on YouTube.
I Love YouTube!