Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tag! Your IT!

A--Attached or Single? Single
B--Best Friend? Sleeza's
C-- Cake or Pie? cheesecake
D-- Day of Choice? Saturdays, they don't come around often enough
E-- Essential Item? Ipod, it is the only thing that blocks out the ranting crazy people i commute with.
F--Favorite Color? Black and bright colors. I don't have one favorite anything
G-- Gummy Bears or Worms? Anything gummy is great
H-- Hometown? Richfield
I-- Indulgence(s)? Pinkberry with pineapple, strawberry and raspberry please
J-- January or July? July-having the 4th as a favorite holiday runs in the fam
K-- Kids? love them, don't have them, hope one day I will
L-- Life is Incomplete Without? family, gospel, music
M-- Marriage Date? I would like to know
N-- Number of siblings? 2 Older sleeza's
O-- Oranges or Apples? Any fruit will do
P-- Phobias or fears? chainsaws
Q-- Quotes? You can tell the true measure of a man by what he does for the ones that can do nothing in return.
R-- Reason to Smile? I find new reasons to smile everyday.
S-- Season? Tough one. I like them all but winter tends to be too cold, summer too hot, spring too short, and I completely missed out on fall this year. California only has 2 seasons Spring and summer.
T-- Tag 5 People? Jess Izatt, Kylene, Jess Wirth, Mehgan and Kelly
U-- Unknown Fact? Hmm...
V-- Very Favorite Store? Nordstrom and MAC
W-- Worst Habit? I have lots of bad habits...
X-- Xray or Ultrasound? X-ray of a half inch sewing pin stuck in my foot
Y-- Your Favorite Food? Again, I don't have favorites. I like all foods, except chocolate
Z-- Zodiac? Scorpio

Friday, June 27, 2008


Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to IMATS. I was there assisting the photographer for Makeup Artist Magazine and had a great time. We ran around like we were crazy to catch everything that was going on. But it was great, I got to see EVERYTHING and meet a lot of major makeup artists including Dick Smith, Bill Corso, Todd Macintosh, and Ve Neill. Unfortunately didn't get any pictures with them but definately something I will remember.

There were a lot of really great demo's and things to see including a museum of Stan Winstons projects. He passed away a week before the show, unexpectedly and the show put this gallery together as well as a special tribute that was very well put together.
Here are some pictures from his gallery.

(from a different gallery)

Nelly Recchia demo

There was so much more but didn't have time to catch it all.
Can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This is the first year I have watched "So You Think You Can Dance" and I am already obsessed. I loved these dances from last week and can't wait to see what they do tonight!

Cute dance...Even if they did get kicked off

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birthday K-Ball!

Saturday was Kimball's 28th Birthday

On Friday Amy made a delicious cake and we sang Happy Birthday.

Saturday me, Kimball, Amy, Greg, Vic, Lise, Mehgan, Tiffany, and Tommy
headed to Six Flags for a little adventure.

After sitting in line for 3 hours for X2 we were hot and exhausted.
As we walked our way to Goliath we passed this mister and Greg couldn't get enough. We literally sat there for a good 15 minutes while he cooled off.

We only rode about 4 rides, but we had a GREAT time.
Afterwards we headed to the International House of Pancakes
Where we learned a life changing lesson.
Who knew they waiters at IHOP can only read minds BEFORE 4 PM?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

I have always been a Daddy's Girl and Fathers Day is one of those days that I don't think will ever get easier. It gives me the opportunity to look back and remember some great things about my dad. But it makes me realize all the things I miss. As I looked through my box of Dad stuff, I was thinking of all the things that I miss.

*His laugh-the contagious chuckle that escaped his wide smile.

*His hands- I have never seen such GIANT hands. He always wore his CTR ring and I swear I could fit it around two of my fingers. And the way his giant hands were always holding the hand of a small child.

*Eating all of the pink Gatorade gum and pretending that it wasn't us.

*He loved children- As I went through my box of pictures there were VERY FEW that didn't include a baby in his lap or a kid(s) at his side.

*The way he smelled.

*Saturday morning breakfasts.

*The way he loved visiting with the old and teasing the young.

*Eating ribs and french bread (with lots of butter) and ginger ale, followed by a bowl of pralines and caramel ice cream with Sandie pecan cookies.

*The way he signed his name.

*The way he crossed his legs as he tied his shoes so the bow was on the side instead of the top.

*The songs that he sang all the time-- "I like to go swimming with bull-legged women..." and the BYU Fight song. And the occasional "Heheheheheheee wipe oooout!"

I could go on and on about the things I miss. I am grateful for the Dad that he was and is and I can't wait until he can wrap his arms around me again.
Love you dad and miss you like crazy!

I will always be your SUN...SHINE!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I am Grateful

"Mercies and blessings come in different forms--sometimes as
hard things. Yet the Lord said, 'Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in
all things' (D&C 59:7). All things means just that: good things,
difficult things--not just some things. He has commanded us to be
grateful because He knows being grateful will make us happy. This is
another evidence of His love."

I am grateful that through those gray clouds in the sky, the sun will still shine through.

My family. There are no words to express my gratitude to the most valuable people in my life. Some people have the best grandparents, some have the best siblings, some have the best mom or dad, some really like their cousin. But I have the best of them all. I wouldn’t trade a single relative. Even the crazy ones that at times can be a little much, I wouldn’t be who I am without them. They believe in me no matter how many times I fall. They are there to carry my burdens with me. I am grateful.

The eye of a child. I wish I could go through life with a child’s perspective. They always make the bad seem ok, the good seem great, and the dull often a little more humorous. I am grateful.

I am grateful for my bed. Sometimes I catch myself complaining that it isn’t the most comfortable bed. Up until 4 months ago I would have killed to have slept on anything that wasn’t full of air. I am grateful.

Learning of others trials and imperfections. Not because I like to see others in pain, but because I know how to feel for them. It reminds me that I am not alone and that sometimes my problems really aren’t problems at all. I am grateful.

The ordinary people in my life that make my life so extraordinary. The ones that I get to surround myself on a daily basis and learn from, grow with, and love. I am grateful.