Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This man...

brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. He has been on my mind a lot lately. He is struggling and he is in pain. I hate the thought of what he is going through. I hate the C word and I hate that it keeps coming back to torture our family. It is ugly. It is mean. It is not fair.

This man is a fighter and I hope he will keep fighting. He is an important piece to our family puzzle. He makes time spent together that much better. His love for life and adventure is infectious. He has been counting down the days for Leslie to be better so he can go on another cruise. I hope that it does not have to be postponed for long.

This man is the most gentle, hard working, simple, and loving man I have ever known. He defines the phrase Hark worker, it shows on his strong and gentle hands. He delights in many small things that often would go unnoticed. He could stand outside for hours just looking at his beautiful garden, watch as the water is pumped onto his green grass, or enjoying every bite of his cinnamon roll.

I love this man and I am so grateful for the ways I have seen him grow and open up as our grandpa. I love sitting next to him holding his hand as we watch all that is going on around us. And I always look forward to hugging him and hearing him say the words "I love you Hay bug".

I love you Gramps and we are all fighting with you and for you! See you soon!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


You break a mirror into a million tiny little pieces
and manage to piece it all back together
will it ever be the same?