Saturday, July 25, 2009

Team 50

There was no better way to celebrate Lester's 50th Birthday
to celebrate her strength, courage, and hope than at the Relay for Life.

There was so much excitement in the 3 weeks of preparation for this party.
And with the help of many of her closest family and friends it was a HUGE success.
There were times that we were certain she knew that something was going on...

But as she rounded the corner and saw over 100 black t-shirts waiting to wish her a happy birthday it was clear that it was indeed a surprise.

Grandpa met Leslie with open arms and together they finished the Survivor lap.

at 11:45 PM Team 50 got on our party hats and walked the Birthday Lap.

I had never participated in Relay for Life and it exceeded all expectations.
It was one of the best experiences I have ever had.
It was happy, peaceful, exciting, you could feel the strength from all the people there showing love and support for their loved ones in the battle. It was devastating to see how many lives in one small community are effected by this ugly thing. It was great to see everyone come together.

Leslie deserved to have a great day and I think that is what she got.
She needed to see just how many people are fighting with her, who love her and believe in her.
No one is more loved or more deserving.


Leslie Abraham said...

Thanks so much Haley!!! I love you all so much. It was a very good day!

kate said...

I keep coming to this post and want to comment on it, but I know that there is no way for me to put into words how amazing this was! It was the best weekend. I loved every minuted of it. There is no one who deserved it more than the mean aunt. I get teary just thinking about it and looking at the pics. I hope that she realizes how many lives she touches and how many people love her. She's as good as they come...

mom said...

I will just say amen! A hilight in my life. One of those moments in time that could never again be duplicated. Thanks big sister! Hope you know how much you are loved and also thanks for the beautiful post Haybug. Love this family!!!!

Just Us said...

sniff sniff